Troubleshooting “There was a problem saving these settings” Plex Server on Raspberry Pi 3

Troubleshooting “There was a problem saving these settings” Plex Server on Raspberry Pi 3

Sometimes Plex server appears to have error “There was a problem saving these settings”. For me, this sounds like a permission problem. Here is a guide to troubleshoot problem. You can also share your ideas about this issue.


Permission Issue

If this is a permission problem, then the easy solution here is to use 777 permission

sudo chmod 777 -R /var/lib/plexmediaserver
sudo reboot

Check your browser again. If this works then its a permission problem.

You can continue with this settings but it’s not advisable to use 777 permission because it a security problem. But if you don’t care about it then go on.


Changing Plex server folder permission

If you prefer not to continue with 777 then use 770. Its good to use 770 so the owner and the group members can access the files in the folder.

Make sure you add pi as a Plex user

sudo nano /etc/default/plexmediaserver

Change Plex user as pi



Take ownership of the Plex folder where settings are saved

sudo chown -R pi:pi /var/lib/plexmediaserver

Change the folder permission to 770

sudo chmod 770 -R /var/lib/plexmediaserver

Reboot and check your browser

sudo reboot


Try other browser

Some said they used different browser in configuring Plex server and it works. Try to use firefox Private browsing (ctrl+shift+p), chrome incognito (ctrl+shift+n) or Internet explorer InPrivate (ctrl+shift+p)


Uninstall Plex media server completely

If the suggestion above don’t work for you, maybe uninstalling it completely and reinstalling it would help. Here the guide:

sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove plexmediaserver
sudo reboot

Update it

sudo apt-get update

Reinstall Plex media server package

sudo apt-get install -t jessie plexmediaserver


Please leave a comment if you find the solution. Thanks.