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How to install Raspberry Pi operating system [NOOBS]

How to install Raspberry Pi operating system Noobs. In this tutorial, we will going to use a Windows 7 computer. You can also watch the video of this tutorial.

What you’ll need:

Step 1:
Download the Noobs image from their website. Later at step 4, you have to extract this file, copy and paste all extracted files on your SD card.

Step 2: 
Download the SD Card Formatter and install it to your computer. Run the software after installation.

Step 3:
Insert your SD card in your computer. Select the drive letter of your SD card. Remember, this process will wipe out your SD card files. Once ready, click format button.
Step 4: 
Extract the Noobs image file. Copy all the extracted files (shown below image) and paste it all on your SD card (root directory).

Step 5: 
Remove your SD card from your computer and insert it in your Raspberry Pi. Please ensure that you have a good power supply for Raspberry. The device require 5 volts with 1amps or more (2amps is recommended.) Use a high quality usb cable in order for your Raspberry pi works properly. Tablet chargers are good choice. Plug your usb charger to power up the raspberry pi.

This screen shows your raspberry and sd card works.

If your screen doesnt show anything, it may have power shortage problem or SD card has no properly installed operating system.

Select or tick the Raspbian and click Install


Click yes to proceed the installation. This may took more than 8 minutes of installation
Click Ok and the system will restart
This is your Raspberry pi Noobs desktop environment

Step 6:
Update your system by pressing ctrl+alt+t to open the Terminal. Type the following command

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Congratulation! You have your Raspberry Pi with NOOBS desktop environment.
What can you do with your Raspi?