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OpenWRT Xiaomi Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition Windows 10

This tutorial is about installing Openwrt firmware to Xiaomi Mi router 4A Gigabit edition using Windows 10 pro computer.


  • Windows 10 pro
  • DockerDesktop
  • Git
  • Internet connection

First, setup your Xiaomi router and connect your windows computer using ethernet cable. On your computer open Powershell as administrator.

Install DockerDesktop with this command:

winget install Docker.DockerDesktop

Install Git

winget install Git.Git

Restart your computer

Open run Docker and accept the terms.

Run Powershell again as administrator and run this command:

docker build -t openwrtinvasion
docker run --network host -it openwrtinvasion

Enter Mi router ip: and your password

Copy ssh command listed and paste in the command line. If the connection is successful, type this:

cd /tmp
curl --output openwrt.bin

cat /proc/mtd

if you see “OS1”, then type this:

mtd -e OS1 -r write openwrt.bin OS1

Your router will restart. I would suggest removing the router internet to avoid ip conflict.

Go to your browser and enter this address:

Login with no password

Changing router’s ip

Click Network, Interfaces, edit LAN and change Ipv4 address to and save

Click Save & Apply

Wait for a few seconds and enter the address to the browser.

Connect the internet and it should work.

Xiaomi Mi 4A Gigabit Edition Custom Firmware

Download firmware here

Custom Firmware Details:

Version: 22.03.0

IP address:
  User: root
  Password: root

Local SSH port: 22
Remote SSH port: 22222

WIFI enabled
  2.4Ghz, Wifi name: MI, Key: 12345678
  5Ghz, Wifi name: MI5 (hidden), Key: 12345678

Wan, Lan: dhcp
  Lan: - 150

Added software: mwan3, autossh