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Programming Flash ESP-01 with EspEasy

Programming Flash ESP-01 with EspEasy makes your DIY easy. EspEasy is an open source program for ESP8266 that includes ESP-01. Once uploaded, you can set devices (sensors) and rules on a web interface. Unlike using Arduino, immediately you can see the output without compiling again and again as you save the changes. What I like about this program is that I can connect the ESP to MQTT server, control it via MQTT commands or use automation application like openHAB. This means ESP-01 or any ESP8266 using EspEasy can be used in your home automation projects.

Setting ESP-01 on Programming Mode

In this tutorial, I will use ESP8266 Serial Module Board Development. If you have different Serial Module, please check my previous post about how to flash Esp-01 using USB serial module.
On the picture below, I put 8 pins behind the Serial module to make it easy for me to flash and test the program allowing me to have access to 3v3, GND, Io2 and Io0. I placed a jumper between GND and Io0 to tell the ESP to change to Programming mode. The truth is you only need the jumper before you turn on the ESP. Once the ESP in on, you can remove the jumper or keep it there – it doesn’t really mather.
Esp-01-EspEasy-Programming mode

Download EspEasy Binary file

We need to get the EspEasy compiled Binary. Please download here.
Extract the zip files on your computer. Double click the flash.bat file and a command prompt will show asking you first the port number.
To get the port number of your ESP, you can use Arduino software by clicking Tools >> Port. In my case I got COM3
If you don’t have Arduino software, you can check my previous post how to get port number manually.
After you enter the correct port number on the command prompt, it will ask you the flash size. ESP-01 has 1024k memory, so we type 1024. Lastly, the Build number(version number). This actually doesn’t matter, just type 120.
Esp-01 espeasy
Esp-01 espeasy flashing successful
If no error, progressing dots will appear as it flashing the ESP. If it is successful, you should see flush(flash) complete.

Error on Flashing ESP-01 (error: espcomm_open failed)

If you got a warning: espcomm_sync failed and an error espcomm_open failed, this means that your ESP is not in the programming mode. Please ensure the jumper is properly connected before you turn on the ESP. Once its properly set up, flash it again.
Esp-01 error: espcomm_open failed

Configuring EspEasy on ESP-01

If flashing is successful, reboot ESP by turning off and turning it on again.
At first, the ESP will start a wifi access point named ESP_0. Connect to the Wifi and use the password: configesp. Open your browser to 
Esp-01 Espeasy wifi setup wizard
While on the EspEasy web interface, select your (1) Home wifi SSID, (2) enter the password of your Home wifi and finally click (3) Connect
The page will redirect and the IP address of the ESP will show and take note of it. (In my side, the IP is
Now, connect your computer to your Home Wifi and open your browser to the IP address of the ESP. (Mine is
Esp-01 Espeasy main settings
If you reach to this page as shown in the picture above, congratulation! You just installed EspEasy on ESP-01