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How to search in Google like a Pro

How to google like a Pro. You can search on google using operators as filter to pin point exactly what you are searching for

How to search in Google like a Pro?

You may know how to search on google but you may not know how to google like a Pro.
Here are some few simple examples but very useful to find exactly what you want to see on google results.

Use Quotation Marks

Using quotation marks will let you search the exact word

Search “how to install raspbian on Raspberry pi 3”


Use site

Using this operator will try to search within the specific website only. Adding some keyword before the operator  will let you find the exact information you want.

Search page


Use – Dashes

Sometimes, some words are annoying in search result. You can remove them by using Dash to exclude that word on the search result

Search raspberry pi 3 -model


Use ~Tilde

Using Tilde means you want to find its synonyms to show in the search result.

Search Ball ~sports


Use Vertical Bar |

This will search websites that have all the terms term specified

Search apple | orange | basket | bread


Using Two Periods ..

Using  two periods between words (usually two numbers) will search two number ranges

Search music 1999..2000

Google like a Pro!