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How to use Putty for Raspberry Pi connected in Wifi

How to use Putty for Raspberry Pi connected in wifi so you can configure RaspPi with ease using your personal computer

Step 1: Connect to your Wifi

Turn on you Raspberry pi and connect it to your wifi.

Step 2: Install Openssh

Type the below code to start installing the SSH

sudo apt-get install openssh-server

Step 3: Get the Hostname and IP address

Enter the code below to get Raspberry Pi Hostname and IP address


You can see the IP address in wlan0, see the image below

Step 4: Using Putty

You can either connect using your hostname (you should add .local at the end. Example: raspberrypi.local) or using the IP. If you have configured a static IP for your Raspberry PI, its better to use IP address.
Now run Putty and enter the below details:

  1. Enter Host Name: [your raspberrypi ip address]
  2. Saved Sessions: Rasberrypi (any name)
  3. Click Save
  4. Click Open to connect to your RaspberryPi