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How to share iPhone’s internet to Ethernet home network

How to share iPhone’s internet to Ethernet home network. This tutorial will show you how to share your mobile internet to LAN using your windows laptop.
Please watch the video tutorial: How to share iPhone’s internet to Ethernet home network

What we need:

  • Windows Laptop
  • Router with wifi and Lan ports
  • Ethernet cables
For demonstration purpose I will use Roku 3 and Apple Tv connected in the router’s Ethernet port and iPad connected on wifi. In the end we will see these devices accessing the internet shared by the iPhone.

Step 1: Connect your devices

Use the Ethernet cable to connect your devices to the router. Then turn on your router.

Step 2: Configure the router

By default router’s dhcp is enabled. This service distributed IP address to any devices connected in the router. But we should turn off the routers DHCP service because we will use the laptop to distribute IP address in the network. Your router maybe different from what I am using so find information from the internet on how to disable your router dhcp.
Turn off your router

Step 3: Sharing iPhone’s internet

On your iPhone go to Settings >> Personal Hotspot. Turn it on. Connect your laptop to the Hotspot using your wifi. (Usb cable can work too) Test your computer if it has internet.

Step 4: Configuring your Laptop

Go to Network Connections. Right click the wifi adapter and click properties. Click the Sharing tab and tick the Allow others…
Under Home networking connection it should be Ethernet and click ok
Check the Ethernet IP address (static)
Turn on the router

Checking the devices

Check the IP of your devices connected in the network and check if it has internet